Goat Milk and Yogurt Soap

Goat Milk & Yogurt Soap

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Goat milk and yogurt get together in this gentle bar of soap.

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Product Description

We love goat milk soap and we love yogurt soap… so why not mix the two? Playing with so recipes can be so much fun, and so far has only turned into a few ‘what were we thinking’ batches. This goat milk soap is made with lots of skin-loving olive oil, plus coconut oil for cleansing bubbles and a hard bar. The soap’s essential oil blend is crisp and fresh, with citrus-like notes and hints of anise, peppermint and lavender (see below).

4 ounces – All of our soaps are palm free

Ingredients: Saponified olive oil and coconut oil. Whole milk goat’s milk and whole milk yogurt. Indigo and madder. Essential oil blend of peppermint, litsea, anise star and lavender.