Buttermilk Soap with Comfrey & Charcoal

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Product Description

Have you noticed how much we love buttermilk soap? This bar is crafted from a slightly different recipe than some of our other soaps. Avocado oil is one of its ingredients — an oil that doesn’t fully react with lye, and leaves lots of ‘free roaming’ conditioning within the bar.

Remember that all soap is made with lye, but no lye remains in the finished product. Extra oils are always used to offer moisture and ensure that every trace of lye disappears during the soapmaking process… read more about handmade soaps.

Ground charcoal provides gentle exfoliation and a bit of freshening. Comfrey — we used the herb for its color. This buttermilk soap is scented with a blend of essential oils, see the ingredients list below.

4 ounces – All of our soaps are palm free

Ingredients: Saponified rice bran oil, coconut oil, avocado oil and castor oil. Whole milk buttermilk. Ground charcoal, comfrey leaf powder. Lightly scented with essential oil blend of lavender, fir and lime.