Palm Free Soaps from the Blue Ridge Mountains

Palm Free SoapsOur palm free soaps are crafted from our own original recipes. Why don’t we use palm oil? Because it’s an overused product that contributes to the destruction of rainforests and death or relocation of the animals who inhabit those forests.

We made the decision to create homemade soaps that are free of palm oil until we are positive that palm oil labeled ‘sustainable’ truly is what it claims to be, from sustainable resources that do not impact the environment in a negative way.

Why do soapmakers use palm oil? It’s a relatively inexpensive oil that creates nice lather and a hard bar of soap, but it is not an essential ingredient. We’ve crafted our own signature recipes that we believe provide an even better bar of soap, using a combination of oils and butters your skin will love.

Soap making is definitely an art, but creating a soap recipe is also an exercise in chemistry. How will different oils and body-loving butters react with each other and with other ingredients? Which ingredients create the most luxurious lather, which oils are moisturizing and provide the creaminess we love to feel against our skin? At Blue Ridge Comforts, we take great care to craft each of our homemade soaps to provide our customers with products that are a delight to use.

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